Sergeant Major Scuba

Welcome to my aquatic adventures!

There’s not much that I love better than to strap a tank of air on my back and roll into the sea. Or walk into it. I’m not picky.  I just want to make bubbles. 

Come with me on my adventures.

The United States flag

Dives in the USA

So far all my dives in the US have been in the Puget Sounds.  I tried to dive at Monterrey once but the sea wasn’t having it.  But I have lots of images and video from around the PNW.  This summer I’m hoping to dive in Lakes Erie and Ontario, and along the Niagara River.  Stay tuned!

The Mexican Flag

Dives in Mexico

I’ve been lucky enough to dive in Puerto Morelos and La Paz so far, and they’re both incredible.  The Mayan Reef blows me away every time, and the sea lions in the Baja Peninsula make my heart sing.

The Australian flag

Dives in Australia

Manta Rays!  Leopard Sharks!  The Tangalooma wrecks!  I had two awesome days of diving in Queensland in 2023, and I can’t wait to go back for more.